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What Is Your Focus?

I knew I couldn’t run a half marathon. I occasionally wondered if I could power walk 13.1 miles if not constrained by a time limit. When Covid-19 forced in-person races to become virtual races, the time limit was removed. I signed up for my first half marathon and then a second.

I decided the best way to meet my self-imposed time goal was to keep a consistent pace.  My focus became my Fitbit, tapping the screen regularly to display my pace. I rejoiced when I beat an 18-minute mile and became disheartened with a 20-minute mile. My emotions followed the numbers for too many hours. Eventually, I fell while checking my Fitbit.

For my second half marathon, I focused on my walking, An app announced the pace at the end of each mile, which was sufficient. How did I do? I enjoyed it more, didn’t fall, and beat my previous time by almost seven minutes.

How is this relevant to parenting and homeschooling? When we become too concerned about moment-by-moment progress, our emotions can rule, we can stumble, and we can cover ground less quickly.

What is your focus?

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