Common Questions

Why a website?

To fulfill a promise to a homeschool mom I met while working for our county’s public school system. She shared her challenges. When I explained her experience was not unusual—actually normal—I saw her relief. That happened repeatedly during my appointments. Unrealistic expectations lifted.  Homeschool moms invited me to speak to their groups. Other moms called for advice. I grasped the value of my perspective and experience—read that as having learned from my mistakes.  Active homeschoolers and other busy moms usually don’t have time to write their stories. As an empty nester, I do. This is for you, Amy. 

 Who is this website for?

For whomever it may help. My perspective comes from my experience as a Christian mother in the homeschooling community. However, truths are universal and can be applied to many situations. I want you to question, explore and be free to do what God has called you to do, not what others expect you to do. Some advice may not apply to your unique family. Thank you for stopping by to check.

Second, for me. Sharing with you gives me a chance to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness as I meditate on what I have learned.  It also helps redeem the past. My mistakes hopefully have the value of preventing someone else from making the same ones.

And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 (ESV).

Why is the website named when the blogs are longer, even 200 words?

The Spin: Life—especially parenting and homeschooling—is at least twice the effort you expect. The website name reflects that reality. You expect 100 words, but are sometimes required to read 200.

The Truth: When I named my website, I was thinking about a writing event where the requirement was 100 words. I forgot my self-imposed blog word count was 200 words. The domain name was locked in before I realized my error. I tried but could not reduce the word count; two hundred words is hard enough.  I’m content. I like the name better than 

However, the spin is truly true. The most important thing I wish I had known and learned along the way, is that parenting and especially homeschooling are harder than I ever imagined. Ironically, some aspects could have been easier than I ever imagined. 

Why a 200 word limit? To minimize your time and energy. I regret too much time on the phone. The length of conversation rarely correlated to the amount of encouragement or knowledge received—usually the opposite. And while a long conversation might relieve others’ or my momentary neediness, it increased my children’s. I still have a note my youngest handed me during one phone conversation. 

Do you meet with parents and homeschoolers or speak to their groups?

Occasionally, if they live nearby. I still teach homeschooled children and mingle and have fun with their parents. Actually, I can say the same about traditionally-educated children and parents.

Rarely, if they don’t live nearby, I’m not a good traveler. However, even though I will miss not knowing you if you live far away, everything I know, I will tell here.  

Do you fully endorse the people you quote or the books you reference?

I endorse the specific content mentioned in a blog. Research can reveal truth, but only God’s word is infallible.