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Photos Add Perspective Part 1

We can be crippled by the stories we tell ourselves. Many of these stories are driven by deep emotions and fragile memories. How can we gain a better perspective? Our photographs can help.

I was recently told, “I never received attention after my younger sister was born.” This dear person proceeded to cite evidence based on a photo I had seen. I remembered the image but not specific details.

I flipped through an old album and found several pictures of two preschoolers sitting on the steps of their back porch. I scrutinized the image for the details cited as proof. They did not exist. The photo unequivocally showed the opposite.

I turned the album’s page and viewed picnic photos. The older sister was embraced by her attentive father while her younger sister played close by.

The enemy of our soul wants us to believe lies: that we are unloved, unwanted, and unimportant. Our children are especially vulnerable. Photos give us ammunition to strike back and protect truth.

Do you have stories that need another perspective?

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