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Photos Add Perspective Part 2

In Photos Add Perspective Part 1 (See Here), I related the story of an adult who felt she had never received attention after her younger sister was born. Her facts were discredited by multiple family photographs.

However, her feelings were also supported by the family photographs. The most poignant is the older sister sitting beside the infant sibling, who is held by their father. While he gazes into the eyes of his baby daughter, the older sister stares blankly into the camera. There is no smile. The joy my boys expressed when holding or snuggling with the newest baby is absent.

Now that I have heard her perspective, her expression—especially her eyes—take on new meaning.

A yearbook editor once told me that people first consider how they look in a group photograph before looking at anyone else. Afterwards, I noticed that I also scrutinized my face and outfit first. Along the way, I learned to expand my vision and look more carefully at others.

Do you have photographs that need a second or third look?

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