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In My Father’s House by Corrie Ten Boom

Earthly examples of godly men and women may be lacking in our immediate lives, but we can still learn from others. Corrie ten Boom shared her childhood in the autobiography In my Father’s House. (See Here for more about the ten Booms.)

Corrie’s parents handled her fears and foibles with great wisdom. They handled their poverty with great trust in God who had great riches. Nudged by the Spirit, they prayed great prayers, which were answered in unimaginable ways.

Once, after Corrie escaped being molested, her mother said

Every morning I ask Him to keep you and all of my children within His constant care. In the evening, I thank Him that He sent His angels to guard you. Now you and I will pray together.

They prayed that God would change the heart of the man who meant harm. Corrie was encouraged by her mother’s words.

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