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My Sunsets

When I started, I promised myself I would never post a photo of a sunset. I had seen too many on the internet and had become insensitive to them and a bit derisive of their triteness.

And then my husband and I spent a week of evenings sitting on a fishing pier and watching the sun retreat over the water. My too numerous photos seemed perfect to share. They had to be shared. Except, I couldn’t.

I couldn’t break the promise to myself to not post sunsets. More importantly, I couldn’t because the sunsets were ours. Those not present could never experience the wondering if the clouds would break or the beautiful colors that were eventually revealed when an opening let the sunlight through. Nor could they feel the excitement if an evening predicted intense colors.

My sunset photos not only reminded me of the expectation, the surprise, and the savoring, but also the movement of the water, the breezes, the conversation, and finally, the lights of the distant town after the event was over.  

Some sharing isn’t possible, but along the way, I gained more respect for those who attempt it.

Do you risk sharing the un-shareable?

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