Picture Book Revelations

My sons cherished certain picture books. Ox-Cart Man, Little Engine That Could, and Llama, Llama Are You my Mama? are seared into my memory.

What I wish I had known—and only recently realized—was that favorite preschool books were a key to understanding both my children’s personalities and their deep longings.

The boys were too young to communicate or perhaps be fully conscious of these desires, but looking back, I can list reasons why particular books appealed to each son.

The only picture book I remember from my childhood is Daddy’s Birthday Cakes by Miss Frances. I remember waiting patiently for my mother to finish washing dishes so she could read—and the disappointment when she didn’t have time.

A friend found that treasure in excellent condition on eBay. I bought it for a ridiculous amount, and yet, a small amount for the pleasure it gave me. The story was as I remembered. Illustrations—even details such as the mother’s scarf—were deeply familiar.

Now, I can list how each moment in the plot and certain illustrations met a longing. It is a new window into my childhood.

Are any longings revealed in your children’s favorite books? Your favorites?

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