Decisions, Parenting

Take a Survey

Sometimes my decisions depended my children’s momentary interests or their current stamina. How could I acquire this information without giving an unhealthy impression of who was in charge of our family? I took surveys when the boys were young.

I would say, “This is not a vote. I am making the decision. It is a survey, which will influence my decision. Would you boys rather go to the park and have a picnic by the lake or have a picnic in the backyard and have time to bike later?” “Would you rather unload the dishwasher or help Daddy outside?”

Depending on your child’s age, you might need to explain that a survey is a research method used to collect specific information from particular people. Car manufacturers conduct surveys to determine which features car buyers expect on new cars.

One adult son used this technique on me when he needed outpatient surgery. One recovery option was for me to make a six-hour, round trip drive and bring him to our family home for recovery. “This is not a vote,” he began. “It is a survey. Would you rather I recovered here or ….”

How do you receive necessary input for your decisions?

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