Simple Solutions (Reprise)

Twenty-six years ago, our garden was important and the rabbits and squirrels and birds were our challenge. The deer joined them when a new subdivision was built.

We enjoyed our garden so much that we didn’t give up when the critters started eating all of our strawberries—yes, every single one. However, when eventually the tomatoes and melons were devoured, we admitted defeat.

We missed our tomatoes the most, and my sister encouraged me to grow tomatoes on our upstairs deck. I refused. I was not willing to take the risk because squirrels and birds frequented our deck.

What had I learned along the way? No matter how large the challenge, try to find a simple solution before you quit.   (See Simple Solutions here.)

This year, I decided to try a simple solution for growing tomatoes. I planted marigolds. Squirrels do not like marigolds and birds tend to leave them alone.

My marigold guards.

My first fruits.

I am still learning the value of simple solutions.

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