Changing Children

Sometimes, the consistency of our children’s behavior and interests is something to celebrate. (See Children Don’t Change Part 2 Here) What do we do when it isn’t?

Along the way, I learned how little control mothers have at times. The power to change our children, especially their hearts, has not been granted.

The only father who can “fix” his children is God, and one way He does it is through the prayers of parents.

For years, I envied Moms-in-Prayer.* I wanted my own prayer team, but the logistics did not work for homeschoolers.

In 2013, I began meeting with two friends to pray for our adult children. When one moved, it became a twosome.  I later gained a second prayer partner. When meeting was inconvenient, we prayed over the phone. 

Our rules: Confidentiality. Pray privately and do not share the requests of others. I have prayed in my minivan to achieve this. Respect boundaries. Some of your child’s situations are too private to share.

Consider telling your children that your friends are praying for them. One son texted a concern followed by “Alert the prayer team.”

Who will join you in praying for your children?


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