Anger that Can Be Trusted

As you consider those who have wronged you, let Jesus be angry on your behalf. His anger can be trusted.

Dane C.  Ortland, Gentle and Lowly

I texted this quote to a friend who is angry. She has righteous anger regarding evil done to her. I thought Ortland’s words would help.

One evening—after realizing I was angry with a person who had been rude and careless with things I hold dear—I realized that quote applied to me. I had thought I was annoyed, but now I had to deal with my newfound anger. I thought of being on guard. I thought of practical steps I should take in this relationship. And then, I saw my text on my phone screen. 

The most helpful plan was to allow Christ to be angry on my behalf—to trust his anger and remedy. Only he had the perfect solution. My responsibility was not negated, but I no longer carried a burden.

For the anger of man does not produce the righteous of God.   James 1:20 (ESV)