Goals: Wishing, Practical, Backup

My sons had not only graduated high school, but also college, when I heard thoughtful, helpful advice about goals.  A cousin’s college goals were too ambitious, but we never want to discourage big dreams, do we? God can make them happen if it’s his will.

My cousin’s guidance counselor told her to have three college goals: a wishing goal, a practical goal, and a backup goal.  The vocabulary reflected reality, not judgment.

Wishing should be encouraged. Practical is important. Having a backup means you have planned well.

Thinking about wishing, practical, and backup goals showed me another truth. Wishes can soar higher when you have two nets to catch you: practical and backup.

While raising children, I wish I had known this excellent way to encourage our collective and individual dreams and yet ground our hopes.

One of my wishing goals was met: Mt. Denali, Alaska, June 2013. Our guide estimated that only 10% of tourists view the mountain due to prevalent clouds. (Advertisements say 30%.) This photo was taken at the moment I was closest to North America’s highest point.

Any new wishing goals while considering practical and back-up ones?

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