Age Appropriateness (Reprise)

As an adult during World War II, Corrie ten Boom, her father, Casper, and her oldest sister, Betsie, smuggled Jews to safety. The family saved 800 lives. After the family was betrayed, Casper died a few days later in captivity, and Betsie and Corrie were taken to Ravensbruck concentration camp. Betise died there. Corrie was released and traveled the world. Her message?

There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.

As a child, Corrie sometimes rode the train with her father. During one ride, she took the opportunity to ask Casper to define a word she had heard.

Casper didn’t say anything right away, and then, he asked Corrie to carry his suitcase when they exited the train. When the time came, she could not lift the heavy suitcase no matter how much she tried. Finally, Corrie admitted defeat.

Casper responded that only a poor father would ask a child to carry a suitcase too heavy. He said that some knowledge was the same, too heavy for children. He would carry the word for her until she was older.

What are your children trying to carry before they are ready?

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