Grade Like A Professional

I “liked” a boy when we were in the 8th grade. We became better friends in high school, and he wrote the sweetest words in my yearbook our senior year.

How did we meet? Kevin sat behind me in pre-algebra and graded my homework. Mrs. Parker began most classes by saying, “Pass your homework to the person behind you.”

Even though homeschoolers do not have thirty papers to grade each class period as Mrs. Parker did, we can learn from traditional teachers. (See Think Like a Professional Here)

Allowing siblings to grade each other’s papers can save time.  It is also a chance for the grader to practice humility and grace and learn themselves as they see their sibling’s work. Kevin was so nice that I never minded him seeing my mistakes.  I also thought he was a bit more lenient than Mrs. Parker.

How are you thinking like a professional?

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