Enough Is Enough

When I homeschooled, the boys and I saw quarterly plays at a nearby university. We liked The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe so much we bought tickets two years in a row. My husband joined us the second time.

During the 40-minute drive to the auditorium, we listened to a book on tape. On the way home, we discussed the one-hour play. Math worksheets were waiting at my boys’ desks—for after they wrote about the play.

Once, I invited another homeschool family to Ramona, which was based on Beverly Cleary’s series. My friend had taught at a local school before homeschooling. During the drive, I told her my lesson plans.

“Mollie, the field trip fills the day,” she admonished. “Getting there and getting home with a short debrief is all that can be expected. Enough is enough.”

It was freeing to think like a professional, and not a mom who worried about not doing enough—especially as Spring gave us more opportunities for outings.

Is enough being enough for you?

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