Choices Or Sacrifices?

We make choices. I hate to say sacrifices. If we truly love this sport and we have these goals and dreams in the sport, the classroom, or in life, they’re not sacrifices. They’re choices that we make to fulfill these goals and dreams.

Deena Kastor Bronze Medalist 2004 Olympics

Years before I heard Kastor speak, I was struck by a comment made by another Olympian. His perspective agreed with Kastor. He believed that athletes made choices, not sacrifices. However, he didn’t discount sacrifices; they were made by his family and friends rather than him.

Along the way, I learned that few—including myself—recognize the sacrifices imposed when dreams are followed. Or when day-to-day choices are made. I am learning to discern whether the decisions that I and others make are sacrifices or choices.

Choosing or sacrificing?

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